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    THE MONTH OF RAJAB AND SHAABAAN COMES AS A TIME OF FESTIVITIES FOR ALL OF US IN SHARJAH AND I AM SURE EVERYWHERE ELSE .Momineen are busy attending "kunde" ,"niyaaz" and jashan throughout .After the majlis of Safar-E-imam Husain ..we celebrated the Jashan -E- maasoomeen on a grand scale. It was held as always at Barghah-E-Ali Raza (AS), Sharjah UAE  on 8th Shabaan, 25th October 2001 and as always, Maashaalah- it was a great success. Last year we heard the wonderful kalaam of Sibt-E-Jaafar and Rehan Aazmi and this year we welcomed Mohd Ali Wafa from Hyderabad. Needless to say that our Imambargah was packed till there was no place to move, even among the ladies. Quite a few of them had to leave because of the lack of  place !!   

       The jashan was inaugrated with Hadees-E-Kisa read by Mohd Jagani and Dua-E-Kumail recited by Master Raza. Arsalaan (son of Shakir bhai) enlightened  us with a short incidents on the life of Imam Hussain, a Qaseeda read by Daddy, followed by a qaseeda read by Fayyaz bhai and Hyder bhai .Then Mohd Ali bhai read his kalaam .He started with a few new ones (you can hear them in the audio) and then he had to read a few favorites- including his geet "Mawla Ali Ali " and " Aaga-ye Mawla "-due to the insistence of the audience . It is obvious that  everyone's request could not be fulfilled and the public didn't want him to stop. The audience which was swaying in the praise of Mawla Ali suddenly started weeping on hearing the tragic verse (on Hazrat Ali Akbar(AS) ) which concluded the kalaam of Mohd bhai. Abid Bilgrami sahab (from Kuwait ) gave us a short lecture and dua ..The jashan finally got over a little after midnight .It was followed by niyaaz which we all enjoyed .We are very grateful to the volunteers and intezamiya of the Imambargah for making the jashan a success. I'm sure it was a memorable occasion  for those who attended and for those who did not time inshallah.

Above are some pictures of the jashan. First Qasida by Dr.Ehsan,another by Fayaz bhai followed by Hyder Bhai . Than a few nar-e-Hydaris by Bhutt Sahib and then the great shayer Mohd Ali Wafa.

Pictures of the Jashan courtesy Mir Hyder Ali.

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Mohammad Ali Wafa part 1
Mohammad Ali Wafa part 2
Mohammad Ali Wafa part 3

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